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India's first and only premier manufacturer of concrete interlocking paving stones and bespoke hardscape products.

German Technology

Our products, manufactured with precision in fully automated German machines, offer custom colors, sizes, and patterns suitable for light, medium, and heavy traffic. This aligns with our vision to beautify outdoor spaces through advanced European technology.

Unmatched Durability

Istaka distinguishes itself by providing pavers and Hardscapes that consistently surpass industry benchmarks, guaranteeing the longevity of your projects for generations to come.

Timeless Aesthetics

Through a sophisticated, multi-tiered manufacturing process, Istaka's offerings present a plethora of deep, opulent color palettes and distinctive textures, thus imparting a timeless and visually appealing character to your outdoor environments.

Innovative Color Technology

Istaka's product line integrates cutting-edge color preservation technology, ensuring that the vivid and captivating tones within your outdoor space remain unblemished over the years, preserving the breathtaking aesthetic you aspire to achieve.


Paving Stones

Versatile in shapes, sizes, and materials like concrete, natural stone, and clay, paver stones form the base for driveways, patios, and pathways, offering endless design potential in outdoor spaces.

Paving Slabs

These robust, square or rectangular concrete blocks are the essential foundation for outdoor surfaces, delivering both durability and versatility for pathways and patios.

HD Pavers

Representing a cutting-edge evolution in paving, HD Pavers combine exceptional durability and precision-engineered designs to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of modern outdoor areas.

Permeable and Grass Pavers

Seamlessly blending eco-friendliness with functionality, these pavers allow natural drainage while accommodating grass or gravel infill, introducing green elements to urban environments.


Timeless and enduring, cobblestones crafted from granite or basalt add a rustic elegance to streets, pathways, and courtyards, transcending eras and enriching both urban and rural landscapes.

Garden Edges

Stylish borders crafted from materials like natural stone or concrete, garden edges define and enhance outdoor spaces by organizing garden beds and pathways, adding sophistication to your outdoor haven.


This versatile finishing touch, made from materials like stone, concrete, or brick, not only enhances the aesthetics but also extends the longevity of outdoor structures while safeguarding them from wear and tear.


Steps epitomise architectural versatility, transforming stairways and terraces with timeless elegance. Designed for universal appeal, these blocks are available in bespoke designs and finishes—blasted, ground, or velvety smooth. Perfectly coordinated with our paving and slab systems, STEPS ensure seamless aesthetic continuity and personalised outdoor solutions.

Kerbs and Dished Channels

Essential for both urban and residential settings, these products come in various sizes and profiles like Half Batter and Bull Nose. They are vital for effective traffic management and water drainage. Crafted using advanced manufacturing techniques, they ensure durability and enhance the aesthetics of sidewalks, driveways, and road boundaries.

Garden & Retaining Walls

Garden and Retaining Walls blend elegance and stability, ideal for residential and commercial landscapes. Available in various sizes and rustic finishes like Blasted and CleanCreate, these walls enhance walkways, courtyards, and pool areas while offering durability and moisture resistance.

Paving Stones Paving Slab Hd Pavers Permeable And Grass Pavers Cobble Stone Garden Edge Coping Steps Kerbs and Dished Channels Garden and Retaining Walls
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